To really understand who I am, you should know where I come from. My background and my family make me the man that I am today, both personally and professionally. My parents were first generation immigrants to America. When they came to the San Francisco Bay Area they had to learn to adjust to a new country, different language, and diverse culture with no one but each other for support. Shortly after they married, I was born, followed by my three younger sisters.  For much of my early life, we lived in a small studio apartment in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco and eventually moved to a one bedroom apartment in the Sunset district with all six of us sharing a small cozy space.

Those times were difficult, to say the least, but my parents persevered, and I learned the importance of dedication and hard work. My father started working in the service industry. He opened his own convenience stores and eventually ended up going into the restaurant business in San Francisco. During my early adolescent years, he started buying and rehabbing property, some of which I was able to be involved with as a teenager. For much of my life, I saw my father work seven days a week to build a life for his family. He went from having nothing when he landed in this country to becoming a successful store owner, restaurateur, entrepreneur, property developer, and business man. He IS the personification of the American Dream, and my goal is to keep that dream alive!

The legacy of my father’s rise from humble beginnings to successful business man is one of my main motivations in life. His examples of determination, diligence, and devotion are the foundation of who I am as a person and as the broker/owner of eXp Realty. Thinking about the sacrifices he made to provide for his family still humbles me today. He set the standard for the level of hard work and dedication that I strive to achieve every day in my own business dealings.

My father was so influential in my life that I decided to follow his lead into becoming a business owner and using the real estate skills I learned from his rehab projects at a young age. Watching the success that he acquired when he started buying, rehabbing, renting, and selling property, while at the same time helping people improve their lives and futures by purchasing homes was a true inspiration to me. It became clear to me that this is what I wanted to do and how I would support my family. I am one of the rare breeds in this field that knew they wanted to be in real estate from a very young age instead of pursuing it as a second career later in life!

Even though I knew what I wanted to do, it was not an easy path, and my parents also had some ideas of their own for my future. They were always extremely supportive of my sisters and I, but the one thing that they were always adamant about was our education. It was one of the paramount goals of their lives that they had worked so hard to provide for us. In their eyes, an education would create opportunities and advantages for us that they did not have when they came to this country.

Despite my parents’ focus on education, I saw a different path for myself going directly into real estate. When I was in high school, I decided to get my GED at the age of 15 and go straight into community college to work toward my real estate license. I executed my plan, however my parents insisted that I get my high school diploma instead of simply settling for a GED certificate. Looking into their eyes and seeing their desire for me to walk across the stage, I knew I couldn’t refuse the people who had worked so hard to provide me with so much. After I agreed to pursue this path, I ended up attending both high school and community college classes simultaneously full time. Looking back this may have been the most stressful time of my academic career. It was a ton of work, but I refused to let my parents down!

Since the moment I understood how important an education was to my parents, it also became a priority for me.  I earned my real estate license as soon as I turned 18 and continued to work in the field throughout my time at the University of California Davis, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biotechnology. I originally chose this major because I always found forensics to be fascinating and I wanted to expand my knowledge outside of the world of business and real estate. While at UC Davis, I was involved in the Epsilon Sigma Rho Multicultural Fraternity and I also started the first Real Estate Club on campus. I was not only there to learn, I was there to be involved, and I made the most of my undergraduate college experience!

In 2008, shortly after graduating from UC Davis, I was the youngest person ever to be accepted into the California State University Executive MBA program at the age of 21. Many of my student peers were already Presidents and CEO’s of large companies.  When I applied, they were initially hesitant to admit me because of my age. However upon meeting with the dean and revealing that I had already been a REALTOR for over three years, which included entrepreneurial and executive experience, my application was approved and I graduated in 2010 as a part of the SMUD 2 cohort. I have come a long way since the day my parents insisted that I graduate high school and I would not have been able to do it without their support and encouragement!

I am extremely proud of my family, real estate career, and education, but the biggest achievement in my life was launching my own brokerage Zahir Real Estate Inc. in 2017. We grew to two locations, one based in the East Bay to serve the greater San Francisco Bay Area and a second in Elk Grove to serve the greater Sacramento market, eventually expanding into the mortgage business and adding a lending division as well. More recently I came accross an innovative, fast growing organization that shared my passion to provide the best service, held high ideals, and common values therefore I decided to join them on their growth journey. My goal is to take my own life experiences and apply them to my business and service philosophies. I want to provide my clients top tier service with the latest technology and market tools for their real estate goals, that is why I joined the EXECUTIVE Representation at eXp Realty as a broker-associate! The way I see it, this is not simply a business of transactions or deals. 

Instead, at the EXECUTIVE REPRESENTATION Organization at eXp Realty we focus on the relationships and emotions that are involved in real estate. That is what is important to our clients, so that is what is important to us!  We exceed every expectation when it comes to paperwork, processes, and policies, but our main goal is to support our clients’ every desire and necessity throughout the process. We are not only here to advise them, we are here to make sure that their experience is smooth and worry free. We want them to enjoy it! That is what separates us from other agents. Focusing on transactions can be a great experience, but focusing on the client makes it phenomenal, and that is our goal!

I would love nothing more than to lend our knowledge and experience toward helping you with your real estate endeavors, but I don’t expect your business simply because of our relationship — I only ask that you take the time to interview me and see if I might be the best REALTOR/real estate broker for you. Thank you for taking the time to learn about me. When you or someone you know is in need of a real estate broker, I hope you give me the opportunity to demonstrate my services and interview for the job.


Mansur "Manny" Zahir
Broker - Owner